Monday, April 13, 2009

N.O. Half Iron Race Report

I better write this before I forget everything. Not that there is much to remember except for my sucky run, more on that later. Total finish time was 6:18, same time as my first half iron. That first half iron, I had a flat and wasted 16 minutes on two stops to change it. So needless to say my time was worse.


Went down Friday to do packet pick-up to avoid the crowd on Saturday. Took the kids to the New Orleans Zoo where we are members. The kids had a fun time, even if it was rushed so I could make it on time to the 5 pm race briefing.

After the zoo, we went down to the convention center and parked. Mel took the kids down to the aquarium, while I did a race warm-up by running to the Marriott. The website said if you were 2 minutes late to the briefing, then you would have to go to the next one.

Got there at 5 pm on the dot and the briefing was packed. Sat with a friend, Mulkey Way, who happened to miss the 4 pm session and was at the 5. She was 4 minutes late to the 4 pm! Typical pre-race stuff except for two things. First, he asked how many people in the room that this was there first triathlon ever. About 6-8 people stood up! Half Iron as your first race, braver than me. The second curve ball was the fact that WTC has a torso rule. In other words, you must were some type of top that covers your torso. Basically, it is a nipple rule. I hate wearing freakin' shirts in races. Only have done it twice and both times it was because the temp was in the 40's and I wore one for the bike only. I was not a happy camper. Got my stamp and then went and picked up the packet. Packet was sparse and just had the essentials. Found the wife and the kids, who had went to I-Max since the aquarium closed at 5 pm. Headed home to try to get a good dinner and a good nights rest. Neither happened. Got to bed late and woke up the next morning at 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep.

Hung out with the kids for the morning on Saturday and then dropped them off at my parents around lunch. Headed over to my buddy Jeremy's in-laws house to catch my ride to N.O. Mel was working, so she was coming down later.

Was going to try and do this report all at once, but life keeps getting in the way. Will finish later, but the later it gets the less I remember. May be a good thing for all you readers out there, both of you...