Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where have the miles gone?

Won't bore you with the details of the past however long it has been since I posted. My two readers are probably long gone by now. Just been steadily working my way through the grind. Slowly increasing my run mileage back up and so far, no heel problems. Did speed work yesterday for the first time in at least 4 months and had no ill effects this morning. Heading out to do a 6 miler in the morning. Will be my longest run since New Orleans Half Ironman. Of course, I don't know if I actually ran 6 that day either...

Have really been enjoying my swimming. Not getting faster mind you, but still enjoying it. I have been trying to get out of the pool and get some more open water in. Did an open water a few weeks back with BR Tri. It was more like a beginners clinic, but they opened it up to whoever in the club wanted to come swim at a nice lake in BR. It was in the neighborhood of one of the members. It was exactly 800 m long, so it made it nice. I biked from my house, swam around 2400 m and then biked home. Made for a great training day. Then one morning, I went over to a friend's house. He has a small pond in his front yard that is 40 m long. It's not very long, but it beats swimming in the pool everyday. Especially with how hot the pool is these days.

This past Sunday morning, I got up early and met a group in St. Francisville. We went 50 miles in the hills. Need to do some more of that before my showdown with my buddy Jeff at Meat Pie. This is his second year of tri and my third. I beat him consistently by a minute or two and he is getting kind of sick of it. It used to be that I would get him in transition time, but he has recently gotten better at the fourth tri discipline. So Meat Pie in September is going to be the showdown. Need to keep the pressure on. Got up this morning and biked from the house for 37 miles. Left the house at 4:40 am and it was pitch black. My headlight decided to go out (batteries) about 5 miles in. Was really fun after that until the sun came up. Had to get in a long bike before the weekend because I am going fishing off the coast for the weekend. Couldn't miss a long bike ride, so had to at least get close to 40 in even if it isn't my normal 50 to 60. Going to be swimming and running in the morning.