Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week in Review

Monday: 2 mile recovery run at 6 am

Tuesday: 19.5 mile "speed" workout on bike at 5:30 am. After warm-up, did my 13.5 mile loop in 21 mph. Cool down on the way home.

Wednesday: 2750 yard swim which was a struggle. Ran 4 miles with a one mile tempo thrown in at the end at 7:50 pace.

Thursday: Half recovery, half moderate ride with riding partner at 5:30 am. Went 19.5 miles. Then rode that afternoon with my wife around the 13.5 mile loop. Ran a 2 mile brick run with her after the ride. I locked our keys in the truck and had to ride home to get them, so got in another 3 mile ride.

Friday: Cut the grass

Saturday: 47 mile ride at 6 am. Did the first 15 solo and then picked up with the BR Tri crew and rode peleton for the next 20 miles. Finished the final 12 solo. Did a 2 mile brick run to finish it off.

Sunday: 800m open water swim in a friends 40m pond. Half training/half fun with the kids. Got in 8.35 miles of running at my parents house. First 2 was with my wife and remainder solo. Went 10:30 pace with the wife and finished it off with 9:00 pace for the remainder of the run.

This week is an easier run week, so going to try to concentrate on swimming and biking. hope to get to 115 miles on the bike this week. Training is focused on getting in enough base for concentrated effort on Ironstar. About 13 weeks out from Ironstar, but getting ready in about 5 weeks to go all out for it. Meat pie tri is in there about 7 weeks out. Have a challenge from a fellow BR Tri buddy, so trying to do some short fast stuff to kinda be ready for the pain of a sprint. We'll see how that works out. Main goal is to get to sub 6 at Ironstar.