Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Token 2010 Post

Well 2010 wasn't the best year for keeping up with the blog apparently...Had to put up one post to at least claim that I blogged in 2010.

It wasn't the best year as far as training and racing are concerned. Numbers were way down for the year. Mainly due to burnout from '09. Two 1/2 IM's spaced out like they were wasn't the brightest idea. New Orleans 1/2 was April '09 which meant I started training in February. Then Ironstar 1/2 was in November which meant I trained through the summer for shorter stuff then did focused training from September thru the end of October. It did result in my lowest weight since high school. I was down to 197 the weekend after Ironstar. Then it all went down hill.

Basically was off my bike from November '09 thru March of this year. Ended up putting on about 15 pounds back to 212. Pretty much stayed in the 208-214 range all of 2010. That plus the burnout from '09 contributed to a less than stellar year. Mileages for this year were as follows:

Swim - 39 miles (99 in '09)
Bike - 1,885 miles (2,625 in '09)
Run - 295 miles (570 in '09)

One thing I did learn this year is that having a good base to start from goes a long way. Race times from this year to last year didn't really go down too much even though there was considerably much less training going on. Where I used to have to work my butt off and train for weeks to run a 25 min 5k, this year on practically no training I could easily run a 25 min 5k. Not impressive to say the least, but a vast improvment over years past.

Only did a handful of races this year and actually stacked them all at the end of the year. Ended up doing Heatwave in June as my first race of the year. Then did Meat Pie at the end of September followed by UL Tri, the last race in the Forge Trail Series and then the Big Cajun Tri to end the season in October. Those last 4 races were done in 5 weeks. Additionally, I raced in the entire Forge Trail Race Series, which was a 4 race series (4 mile trail runs) on the local "mountain" bike trails. Not many big hills in Baton Rouge. Just as an indicator of my lack of training, my times in the series actually got worse in each race ff the year. Not one of my proudest accomplishments...I did win my age group at the UL Tri. Super sprint of 200 yd, 10 mile, 2 mile. "Pick a race small enough and you may be able to win" is my new motto.

So, where do we go from here?? Hopefully forward. Have been mountain biking weekly since the end of tri season and thinking of doing some mt bike racing this year in lieu of tri's. Will still do one or two, but nothing too long. Then maybe a 1/2 Im in 2012. We'll see...