Friday, July 18, 2008

Bonking isn't fun

Had my first ever Bonk this past weekend. The wife was working on Saturday and I needed to get in a 50 mile ride for the weekend. So, I figured I'd drop her off at work and then ride to my parents house with the kids. That way I could get a ride in on a Saturday instead of trying to do the long ride and run on the same day. Got to my parents around 8:45 and instead of immediately hitting the road, I hung out for a bit, first big mistake!

Got on the bike around 9:30 and headed off to the north. The route out was all "uphill", 300' over about 25 miles. So I planned on heading out for an 1:20 and then cutting 10 minutes off on the way back for a 2:30 ride. I had 2 24oz water bottles. A little on the light side, but I thought I could stop at the church at the main intersection I was passing on the way back in and fill up again, second big mistake.

The ride out was eventful. Got about 16 miles out and hit LA Hwy 63. For the next 8-9 miles, a state trooper and I played leapfrog. I would pass him while he had someone pulled over and then he would pass me back when he was finished writing their ticket. That happened about 6 times during that 8-9 mile section on the way out and on the way back. Then after I passed him the first time, I saw two dogs up ahead in the road. At this point, I knew my water was getting precious, so I took my empty bottle out and got ready to whack one in the nose if they got too close. I passed them and one started to give chase. I was so focused on the dog that I ran off the freakin' road. Somehow, thank you Lord, I saved it and got back on the road without falling or going in the ditch. Got to the turnaround and ate a bar and got ready for the "downhill" back with only 12 oz of fluid left at this point and the heat index somewhere around 102 at 10:50 am.

Got to the church at the turn off of Hwy 63 and pulled over, since I now had no water. Found the faucets and wouldn't you freakin' know it...They have the handles taken off so that you have to have a wrench to open them. I was now ticked off and quickly realizing that it was going to be a long trip home. There were no stores until about mile 44 and I was at mile 32. Not good when it feels like 103 by this point. Got back on my bike and headed on in. It only got worse from there. I could feel myself dehydrating and I had slowed to a crawl, bonk. After what felt like an eternity, I finally made it to another church at mile 43 that had faucets that worked. Water never tasted so good. Filled both bottles up and limped in. 1:40 for the way back in, not as I had planned. My 2:30 ride had become a 2:50 ride and I was on fire. Jumped in the kids plastic pool and let them run cold water from the hose over me for like 5 minutes. They got a kick out of it. Got some food in me and started to feel somewhat better. Remind me please never to leave home without enough water...

After being out of water for 10 miles, I wasn't too happy.

My shady route had turned downright scorching at high noon.

After I recovered from that experience, I went for a 9 mile run on Sunday morning. Ended up only going 8.1 @ 9:36 pace, but it was too hot even at 6:00 am in the morning after still feeling the effects from the day before.

Monday I swam at lunch, Tuesday I ran at lunch, Wednesday I biked in the morning for 18 miles before work, Thursday I swam 2750 and this morning I put in 8.7 miles @ 9:32 before work. The new rearranged schedule to separate my long bike and run seems like it is going to work better. Only have hit it for one week, but once I work the kinks out, I think it will be fine.

The wife has been at a church conference for yesterday afternoon, all day today and has to work tomorrow, so I have been playing Mr. Mom. Dropping the kids off at my parents tomorrow afternoon to get some fishing in and so the wife and I can do the Spillway Classic Trail Race on Sunday morning. I love to play in the mud. I'll post a race report after the race.

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Steve Stenzel said...

Dang bonk. You DO look pretty pissed in that photo...