Monday, November 30, 2009

Down Time

It feels good to have some down time every once in a while, but I am starting to feel guilty about having no workout results. Looks like my goals for volume for the year will only be met in 1 of the 3 sports, but at this point who cares. Not too motivated to ride 100 miles a week for the next 4 weeks just so I can say I went 3,000 miles on the year. If it happens, then great, but I seriously doubt it. My birthday was Wednesday, Thanksgiving was Thursday and then I went fishing for 2 days with my daughter, dad and brother. So needless to say, I had zero miles of running and biking last week. One swim held down the training record for the entire week.
After thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, we went fishing at the camp in Venice. Emi, my dad, my brother and I headed down around 2:30 pm. Got to the landing around 5:15, met dad's buddy Tony in his boat and headed 16 miles down the Mississippi River to the camp just after dark around 6 pm. Got unloaded and ate some more turkey for dinner. Hit the hay around 9 pm.
Up early and down to the end of the Mississippi River at South Pass on a cool crisp morning. Got set up and the first 45 minutes produced 29 trout.
Emi and me with a nice trout to start the morning.

After the first 29, they just shut off. From 8:30 until about 12, we only put about 10 more in the boat. we then took a break and made some sandwiches for lunch. Emi had been eating all morning, but she put away her sandwich in a matter of minutes. We moved down the beach a little bit and proceeded to find the bite again. We put another 25 in the boat in about 30 minutes. Emi even caught 8-10 trout by herself. Paw paw would cast it way out there, she would set the hook, crank them in and paw paw would net them. It was awesome watching her have so much fun. She even got to reel in a redfish in the midst of all that.

Emi and her redfish.

Moved again and finished off our 3 man (2 men and a little girl) limit of 75 trout. Final count for the day was 75 speckled trout, 7 white trout and 2 redfish. My brother and Tony in his boat added 40 specs and 9 redfish. Total for the day was 133 fish. That translates to a ton of fun.

Our box.

Their box.

Got back to the camp and got cleaned up. Built Emi a fire in the yard and started dinner, which was ribeyes. After dinner, we ate some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies from the oven. Hit the sack early at around 8:30. Not a lot to do at the camp after dark. No TV or internet 16 miles down the river. Got up early again Saturday to do it again. Conditions were even better, but it wasn't meant to be. Managed around 30 speckled trout, 5 white trout and 5 redfish. All in all, a great fishing trip. Especially since Emi caught some fish. Can't wait to bring her back again next year. Hopefully, a few times with her and Austin.

Emi driving the boat on the way past the South Pass light tower.

Emi with the biggest trout of the day Saturday that she caught all by herself.

Emi and the birds. Paw Paw let her feed them bread.

Saturday's catch.

Did get in a good 5 mile run today at lunch at an 8:08 pace, which felt suprisingly easy. All may not be lost. Doing the Reindeer Run 5k on Friday. That run today gives me hope that I can at least put down a respectable time. Maybe even a sub 24. We'll see. Won't come anywhere near my PR from last year in this race (21:25).

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