Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Freakin' Hurricanes, the latest one has now gone and gotten my 'A' race for the year cancelled. Now what do I do. I've trained all this time and now nothing. One little sprint Tri to end the year is not going to do it for me. I'm currently in a serious mood of depression, looking kind of like this

Tried to scramble and find a half-iron to do the same weekend or maybe the one after, but there are only two. They are both more than 8 hours from the house and at least double the cost of Holy Toledo. One is in Austin, TX and the other one is in Tennessee. Tried to get another BRTri member to do the one in TN, but he couldn't commit. Now what do I do? I am about to go crazy. Our Tri season down here ends way too soon. Just when it starts to cool off, no more races. What is up with that? This weekend will be the last race in Louisiana for the year. What a bummer?

I think I'll go run over my bike now, put it out of its misery...

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