Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Names to never name your child: Gustav or Ike. Been dealing with the aftermath of Gustav until today. Finally got power back today, 6 days after it went off. Spent some long days and nights with my entire extended family at my parents house. It was quite a test just for some A/C. Spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday cleaning up my grandparents in St. Francisville. They had three trees fall, one of them on the carport, breezeway and on a small portion of the house. We were able to get everything waterproofed on Friday and ready for electric hook-up once the power company gets there. They may have another 7 to 10 days of no electricity because of all the trees and power lines down in their area.

Finally got to train some yesterday when I was in Morgan City to visit my wife and kids. They have been staying at my wife's parent's house since they have electricity. Got in 7 miles yesterday afternoon while the kids napped. Slept at the office last night and worked until this afternoon. Got in a 40 mile ride and a one hour run. Only 2 weeks to go until Meat Pie and Holy Toledo the week after that. Hopefully, Ike stays away so that we don't have any more damage and so the races can be held.

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TriCajun said...

Nice solid training yesterday. Forecast looking better for us, sucking for Texas.