Sunday, October 12, 2008

Century Ride

Completed my first Century ride today in the hills of St. Francisville. Actually went 101 by my computer, but most of that extra mile was due to backtracking occasionally to make sure my riding partner was okay. Reeb had bike issues for most of the morning, so we didn't get to go as fast as we would have liked. Ended up at 16.2, but felt we could have stayed with the pack and went 18ish if not for the bike issues. It was a great time anyway. Learned to wear cycling shorts if I ever do one again. The mini-pad on the tri-shorts did not help at all. After the SAG at mile 84, I thought I wasn't going to be able to sit on my bike again. Reeb said I stood up for like the last 5 miles. Sure felt better than sitting on my butt on that seat.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

I learned the hard way too, until your ass has enough calluses, wear cycling shorts!!