Thursday, December 4, 2008

Racing Weekend

The wife and I both have races on tap for the weekend. Of course, mine is just a 5k, which is the Reindeer Run. It is Friday night in downtown Baton Rouge. Then Melissa is racing the BR Beach Half Marathon on Saturday morning. It is a single loop course around LSU, the LSU Lakes and some neighborhoods near the lakes. She is going to be running it with two of her friends. She is hoping to go around 2:45, so we'll see.

It will be her first half marathon, actually it will be the first half marathon in the family. I did one as part of the Half Ironman, but that doesn't count apparently. This will be the first straight up half marathon that either of us have ran. I'll be there to cheer her on. Hopefully I can get under 22:00 on Friday night. Not looking good, but we'll see how that goes...

Went down to New Orleans on Sunday with a couple of BRTri guys to ride the bike course that will be used for the New Orleans Half Ironman. The way out was nice, since we had a 12 mph tailwind. Averaged 21.5 mph for the first 25, then we turned around. The now 12 mph headwind sucked. Averaged 15.5 mph on the way back in, for a 18.5 mph overall average. The course is fairly nice. A couple of overpasses right at the start, which results in overpasses right at the end. The roads are surprisingly in great shape for New Orleans. There is a short stretch, 3-5 miles through a rougher neighborhood, but once you get on Chef Mentuer Highway it is nice. Nothing but marsh and open land from miles 12-28. We only went to mile 25, but the last 3 are just as open.

Not to bash on all roadies, but would it kill you guys to be a little friendly to the Tri crowd. Passed 5 or 6 packs of Giro ride roadies. Gave them all waves or the two finger "what's up" salute and got nothing in return. Pass the one tri group that was riding, and at least half of them waved back. Not that my life is over now, but why do roadies have to be so elitist. Just because we have aero bars on our bikes doesn't make us inferior.

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