Sunday, April 13, 2008

5k Again

Another weekend, another race. Had another 5k this weekend, The Baton Rouge Corporate Cup. Ran it with 19 other people from the office. Around 1300 runners total, which for Baton Rouge, is a big event. Ended up running a 22:50, which was slower than last week by 3 seconds. Was not very happy about it. Ran a 6:30 first mile, stupid. That took it out of me and I never recovered. Splits went 6:30, 7:50, 7:43, 0:47 for a 7:22 average. Definitely need to get back into doing my long runs. I had been making great strides until racing started getting in the way. Missing my long runs on the weekends has been detrimental to increasing the speed. Didn't lose my bet though. I had bet the whole company that for each person who beat me, I would give them $5 each. Paul was the closest at around 23:40. The only other guy who had even talked any smack ended up going around 27. He was a runner in college and could put in some sub 20 5k's. Hasn't run seriously in a while and thought he could just come blow it out and beat me. Doesn't quite work that way...

Rode around 44 miles this morning. Rode the first 12.5 solo at about a 20mph pace. Of course, I only know that because I used my watch and knew the distance. My bike computer battery has gone out, but I didn't realize it until I took it off the rack last night. Not enough time to get a new battery. Was supposed to meet the Hornet, Heater, and possibly DebE at the the 12.5 mile mark. Only the Hornet showed up. Rode about 22 miles at around 18mph with the Hornet and then about 9.5 solo again somewhere around 20 mph. Averaged around 19 for the whole ride, but that is an approximation since I had no bike computer.

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Ryan said...

It is nice to see that you can run a 6:30 mile.

Just don't do it your first mile!