Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bad Week

Things at home have not been the greatest this week. My son has been sick and has been up at all hours of the night, literally. I think I got up at least half a dozen times last night, and put him in the bed with us for about a 2 hour stretch somewhere in there. We never do that. In his 2.5 years on this planet, he may have slept in our bed at most 3 times. It is something we did from day one with both our kids, no sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed. That is why they have rooms and beds of their own. To this day, neither of them get out of their bed until we come and get them. It is one of the few great triumphs I can claim as a parent. They may destroy the house, scream at the top of their lungs, and beat each other up, but they do not sleep in my bed...

In addition, the wife has been sick also, although she has done one bang up job on the house this week. It is awesome to come home to a clean pad and dinner on the table. She has dinner most nights, but when two kids attack the house, it is hard to keep it picked up. With one kid down due to sickness, she has seized her opportunity.

Training on 4 hours sleep is not much fun. I took Monday off after mountain biking 30 miles this weekend. Skipped swimming again which has been the norm since my race two weeks ago. Tuesday I got up late after battling the sick kid all night, so I barely made it to spin on time at 5:45. Tried to put in my scheduled 3 miles after spin, but after one mile I had to hit the bank for a deposit, if you know what I mean. Wednesday ended up being another rest day as I was too busy at work to hit my scheduled lunch swim.

This morning's schedule was for speedwork. After the 4 long hours of sleep I got last night, none of it continuous, the last thing I wanted to do was go workout. I pulled my butt out of bed anyway and got to the Y for 5:15. Hit the treadmill for my "speed" workout. 1.5 mile warm-up at 8:57 pace followed by 3 -1/2 mile repeats at 6:39 pace with 1/4 mile recoveries. Made it through all 3 without having to lower the pace, so I felt good. Finished it off with 1.25 miles at 9 min pace for 5 miles total. Then I got in the pool. It sucked. Now I know why they do the swimming first. If I had to swim after running, I wouldn't do a triathlon. Somehow managed to get in 1400 yds. Tried 100yd repeats, but could barely get any rest trying to do them on 2:05. That normally gives me 20-25 seconds rest, but not this morning. I think the second to last one, I only got like 7 seconds rest. Definitely not my best effort.

Taking it easy tomorrow in preparation for the 5k on Saturday. Only really have to worry about one other fellow employee who has a slim chance to beat me. Years ago, he could run sub 20 5k's, but that was before he quit running for 5 years and has gotten into his mid 40's. I think he is just bluffing me with the smack talk, but we will see come Saturday. The goal is to run sub 22:30 which would be a PR. The 22:47 that I ran last week at Fat Boy is my current PR, but I hope that is short lived. The course there was hilly and the course Saturday will be flat as can be. Hopefully that will push me under the 7:15 pace I have been training for.

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