Friday, April 25, 2008

Bloggin' Ain't Easy

Blogging is tough work. I never can find the time, never have cool enough material like all the other blogs I read, and just have a generally tough time putting 2 sentences together at 10 pm. However, I am not a quitter so I guess we'll keep plugging along. So what has been up since Sunday?? A bunch of whining.

My kids seemed to have reverted back to babies. All that me and my wife have been hearing from the kids is whine, whine, whine. It is enough to make a sane person do irrational things like bribery with candy or chocolate. All I am asking for is 15 minutes of peace, but that would be impossible. God knows I love 'em to death, but a man can only handle so much whining. They look like little angels, but don't turn your back for longer than 30 seconds or it's over...

On to the training. Finally made it to the pool on a Monday morning since my race in Galveston. Some of the regulars actually noticed that I had been missing. It feels good to know that people take notice when you are not around. Got in around 2200 yards. Big Poppa finally showed up at the pool for the first time I think since last September. He and his wife are doing the Twin Cities Tri in mid May also. He figured he better get in the water at least a few times before the race. After swimming, we lifted weights. Basically the "beach" muscles (chest, bi's and tri's) and some core.

Tuesday was brick day. The Hornet actually showed up early, 5 am, to do some running. Got in 4.65 at a 9 min pace for some good easy running. We met Big Poppa at spin and did intervals for an hour. It was actually more like an hour of standing hill training...

Wednesday was a rest day. Thursday was another brick day since I skipped the Wednesday lunch swim. Got to the Y at 5 am and waited a few minutes to see if any of my training "partners" would show. Nobody came, so I was off for speedwork on my own. Goal was 1 mile warm, 3 mile tempo at 7:34 and 1 mile cool. Did the tempo at 7:31 pace and made it the full 5 miles. Speedwork by yourself sucks. Can't complain though, just sorry that my training "partners" haven't been putting in the same effort. It was more fun when we all trained together. At least they are still there most days to keep me motivated even if we aren't training together anymore.

Was supposed to run 4 today, but decided just to eat all afternoon instead. So far since noon, I have had 2 hamburgers, barbequed sausage and pork, rice with stewed tomatoes, two bowls of chocolate chex mix, a cup of ice cream with milk and I think I am about to get another cup of ice cream to top it off.


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice speed-work! And good luck with the whining!!

Ryan said...

Kidz suck!

Opps, did I say that?

If I whined like that when I was a kid,

WHACK!! right in the mouth.

Sure do miss the ole' days ;)