Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long Run

This is me skipping my "long" run. Just can't seem to get motivated to go run 8 miles. Not a good thing. 10 miles a week is not cutting it. Can't get faster if you don't put in the time. At least I got in the 4 miler that was scheduled for Friday. Did it on Saturday morning instead, but at least I did it. Saturday afternoon was spent eating come Crawfish with the kids at my company picnic.

Man, that looks tasty. Went by my parents after that for some more crawfish, but they weren't ready in time. We had to leave to get to church on time.

Got up this morning to put in 50. Started out around 6:45. The Parish just paved the remainder of the road that we ride on, so now I can simply leave straight from the house instead of driving to miss the 0.5 mile gravel section. Made it really easy since I didn't have to pack everything in the truck. Also saved some gas...Ended up putting in 46 at 18.7mph. Not blazing, but I felt sore from the 4 miler on Saturday. I try to use Saturday as a rest so I'm not sore for my Sunday am ride, but it didn't work out that way. Of course if I was running 20 miles a week, 4 milers wouldn't make me sore. The ride was pretty uneventful as I was by myself. Big Poppa and his wife sold out since they partied too hard last night at a co-workers wedding.

Had to get home on time since the in-laws were watching my kids. The wife was taking part in a riding clinic at 9 am. She had a great time learning to ride in a paceline and was part of the "A" group which also made her excited. They rode 11 miles at around a 19 mph pace. She is racing in the Rocketchix Triathlon in a couple of weeks and is getting ready.

Swimming on tap for the morning is if I can get my butt out of bed. Haven't made a Monday workout in the past three weeks. I think I need a big race to get me motivated again. These 5k's and sprints just aren't doing the trick...

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Ryan said...

Those crawfish look awesome!

I can almost smell them from here.

Nothing like finding a half IM and signing up for it to get the ass off the couch. CATS half Iron in Arkansas in August.