Sunday, April 6, 2008


Ran the fat boy 5k on Saturday morning. Ran a PR of 22:47 in the "hills". For Baton Rouge, that is one hilly course. The Fleet Feet Fatties (myself, Will and Big Poppa) entered the team competition. You had to have three runners with a combined weight of 650 or more. We made it barely. Our combined time was around 71 minutes which was good for 3rd place in the team division. We got a huge Chocolate Bunny for our 3rd place finish, this is the Fat Boy 5k, so what else would you expect for a prize but chocolate.

Went to Lake Kincaid after the race for some R&R, camping and mountain biking. Rode 11.2 miles Saturday afternoon with Big Poppa and then put in 11.2 more with the whole crew this morning. My wife, Big Poppa, Alison and Seth.

After lunch, I left the wife at the camp to nap and I went and put it another 7 miles. With about 2 miles left, my rear derailleur broke off. Had to push the bike up the hills and ride down the backside of the hills. Not a very good ending to an otherwise good trip. It was short, but it was fun none the less. Right around 30 miles for the trip. Skipping the long run this weekend and skipping swimming tomorrow.

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