Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fast Short Run

In trying to make sure I keep my speed up in order to win the Shave Your 5K Challenge, Thursdays are speedwork days. Normally the work is done in a neighborhood across from the YMCA at 5 am. Didn't feel like getting up to my alarm this morning, so I turned it off and went back to sleep. Best decision that I've made this week. I was due for a 9 hour night of sleep and it felt good. Since I missed my run and swim, I decided to do the swimming at lunch and the running tonight after the kids went to bed.

The swimming went great. Knocked out my 1500 yds in a nice sunny lunch time dip. The water was awesome, and I had new goggles.They worked great, except for the fact that I didn't take the time to properly tighten them and anytime I would push of the wall too hard, they would lose suction for a second and let some water in. Will make sure to tighten them before next time.

Got home tonight and played with the kids, bathed them and got them to bed. Set out for 5 miles total with 4 - 800 meter repeats in the middle. Realized about 1/2 mile into my warm-up that I forgot my visor. That sucks. Luckily I was in my hood and doing my speedwork right by the house, so I just got it after my first interval. Numbers are as follows:

1 - 8:44, 0.5 - 3:16, 0.25 - 2:20, 0.5 - 3:35, 0.25 - 2:25, 0.5 - 3:28, 0.25 - 2:26, 0.5 - 3:34, 0.25 - 2:30, 1.05 - 8:50

Total: 5.05 in 43:03 (8:31 pace), Intervals: 6:56 pace average

If I could only run a 5k with that type of pace, then I would have something!!

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Ryan said...

I didn't get to meet Cullen, but I knew who he was.

It is your turn now, sign up for next year, it will motivate you to start training now ;)