Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finally, A "Long" Run

After what seemed like a gazillion weeks of skipping my long run, I finally got it in on Sunday night. Never mind that it was only 4.1 miles, hardly long by running standards, but I think anything longer than a 5k can count as a long run. Especially after biking 42.5 miles in the mid afternoon sun. It all started Sunday morning when I got the kids up to take them to see their mother race in the Rocketchix Triathlon. We stopped for doughnuts at Mary Lee donuts, and got 1/2 dozen chocolate covered and almost 2 dozen doughnut holes. Each of the kids had a chocolate covered and I had 3. They each had about a half dozen doughnut holes. Payed for it later in the day when they became uncontrollable on their sugar crash. Anyway, back to the race. It was a ladies only race, like the name doesn't give that away, held at LSU. It was a 350m swim, 12 mile bike and 2 mile run. She did great. Came in 10th in her age group out of like 25 ladies and knocked over 3 minutes off her time from last year. She really improved her bike going around 1.5 mph faster than last year. She really had a great time.

Can't beat that kind of smile post race.

That afternoon, I got the kids down for a nap and took off on my ride about 1:45 pm. Knocked out 42.5 at about a 18.3 pace. Not that great, since I felt like crap and it was windy. It is getting to the point in the year where you either finish your ride before 11 am or you start after 5 pm. It was only in the mid 80's, but the humidity was ridiculous. Got home and was going to do a brick run, but the fam wanted to go to Sonic and get ice cream. So we did that instead. Ended up running after they went to bed. Did 4.1 miles @ 9:15 pace.

Monday, I swam 2400 yds with a long set of 1500 yds. Tuesday was running 3.6 miles before spin, one hour spin class and then 1 mile after spin. Today was a rest day and tomorrow is speedwork and swimming. Next week is a slight taper week since I am racing next Saturday. Not that I am training for anything particular, but I at least want to be a little fresh when I race. Then I have to pick a plan for the rest of the year to keep things interesting. Racing in south Louisiana in June - August is no fun at all. May do one race in August before the two big races in September.

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