Friday, May 30, 2008

Sign Me Up!

Just signed up for my first Half IM. The New Orleans 70.3 is now on the schedule for next year. It is in April which means an early start to the training year, woohoo!! Wish I could race it tomorrow.

Week in review:
Tuesday: Run 2 and 1 hour spin class
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday:Run 2.5 @ 7:30 pace and 1 hour spin class
Friday: Swim 2200 yds and skip a 4 mile run

Lots going on this weekend. My daughter is having her ballet recital and we are having a party after. The wife has a bridal shower for her good friend before the recital and then Sunday is her 30th birthday. At least I get to relish in her turning 30 before I get there.

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