Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just the Basics

Yet another training week of going through the motions. Sunday was supposed to be a 45-50 mile ride, but I just didn't feel it. Ended up cutting it off at 31 miles. Spent the rest of the day hanging out with the family, I think. For the life of me, I can't remember what I did Sunday afternoon. Got home early from riding and did some kid toy purging. After that, I cannot remember! Now I am going to have to look like an idiot and ask my wife to remind me what we did Sunday, hope it wasn't important...Oh yeah, almost forgot, skipped my long run yet again. This is like 6 weeks strong without a long run.

Monday was swimming and I made it for the second week straight. Hammered out around 2650 yds with a long set of 1250 in the middle. Lifted some weights with Big Poppa and the Hornet afterwards. It was apparently too cold out (58 degrees) for them to get in the water (80 degrees). They are looking for any excuse not to swim. Man, I am going to feel bad for them when I beat them by like 10 minutes in a sprint...

Tuesday was brick day with a 4 mile run preceding spin class. We actually got to use the seat in spin class, for at least a couple of minutes. Was going to run 1 more mile afterwards, but just didn't feel like it. Wednesday was a rest day again. Seems like I have permanently moved Wednesday lunch swim to Thursday morning. This morning was run speedwork and swimming. Nobody showed and I was having stomach issues so I ran on the dreadmill inside just in case. Good thing to because after my typical 5:15 am "deposit at the bank", I had to hit it after my first one mile repeat. Ended up going 4.5 total, 1 mile warm, 2 - 7:08 pace mile intervals with 0.5 mile recoveries and then 0.5 mile cool down. The Hornet said she was going to swim, but I knew that was just wishful thinking. Got in the pool around 6:15 next to another triathlete acquaintance, Don. He is about 10 seconds per hundred faster than me, so it was good to swim next to him. Kept me motivated. Most times, I'm next to some guy swimming like 1:10 100's and it is pretty demoralizing. Don is in the 1:35-1:40 range, so I could kind of keep up. Swam 1500 yds.

Going to run 4 sometime tomorrow, hopefully. Got a lot going on and the wife is riding in the afternoon one last time before her first tri of the season on Sunday. She is trying to shave about 6-7 minutes off her time from last year at this same distance. Mostly on the swim and bike. She rode Tuesday with Big Poppa's wife and average 17.6 mph over a 25.2 mile ride. She is hoping to go about that fast on Sunday on a 12 mile course. Should be doable even after a 350m swim. Sunday will be hard to fit in a ride, but going to try to get in 40-50 and a 5k run. Need to get that bike run brick in a couple of times before twin cities tri in a few weeks.

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