Thursday, March 20, 2008


The training is officially over as of this morning. Time to go do some running.

Tuesday was the typical run and spin morning. Got to the Y, hammered out 2 miles at 9:00 pace and went to spin. Spin instructor was late which always puts her in a funky mood. So we did lots of out of the seat riding and the last 10 minutes was brutal. 30 seconds of out of your seat climbing followed by 30 seconds of light resistance seated push at a cadence of about 110. Then we swapped it around for a few minutes and did low resistance standing climbs and then high resistance seated climbs. It sucked. Couldn't keep my heart rate below 85% on the pushes. Did one mile after spin at 7:30 pace.

We moved our speedwork from Thursday to Wednesday so we could get in a slow day after the speedwork and still have one rest day before the race. Wednesday is my morning to sleep in, but I had plans to get up at home and run. Didn't happen since it stormed about 2am and the power went out, which disrupted my sleep since it got so hot. So I was going to run after I put the kids to bed last night. Well, one of our friend's children fell out of a shopping basket at a store while my wife just happened to be there. They had to call 911 and make a hospital visit. The child was okay, but my wife wanted to make them a treat after their ordeal. So she made them a desert and brought it over as soon as I got home. I fed the kids and got them to bed. She then called and said she was heading over to another friends house to help make some cookies and hang out. She gets home around 9:40 so I get to start my run at 9:45 pm. Normally doesn't bother me unless I am scheduled to get up early to train the next morning, which I was. Ended up cutting the warm-up and cool-down to 1/2 mile instead of one mile. The speedwork was supposed to be 3 miles @ 8:00 pace.

Nature was out to get me. First, there was a 15-20 mph wind that was blowing directly down my route. It gave me a headwind for about 1/2 the run. Second, a dog chased me. One of those that acts friendly until you pass them and then tries to bite you on the heals. Freakin' sissy dogs is what I call them. If you're man enough, attack from the front. Don't sneak up behind me like a sissy. So I had to turn and face him down to stop him from making chopped liver of my calf. Last thing was that my freakin' Nike comes untied with 0.5 mile to go. Ain't no way I'm stopping now, I'll trip and faceplant before I stop and tie my shoe. Made it in 23:13 for a 7:50 pace. Not spectacular, but with all that happened felt I could have went faster. The second mile is where I lost it. Ran 7:20 pace for the first 1.2 and then 8:40 pace on the next 0.8 which is where most of the headwind was at.

This morning I got in the pool for my shorter swim day. The air temp was 44 with the pool around 81 on the heater end and around 77-78 on the opposite end. Warmed-up and then realized I forgot to put on my watch. Got out of the pool, freezing cold, and got my watch from the locker room. The water might as well have been the tropics when I got back in. Made 78 degree water feel awesome. Did some 100's on 2:00 intervals which gave me about 20 second rests between each since I was swimming 1:40's. Then hit some 50's on 1:05. Went 1800 total and then inside for the last run of the training. The Hornet was just finishing up her 3 miles. Chatted for a minute and then I ended up just going 1 mile at 9:20. Felt like crap after having just done speedwork like 9 hours before. Shut her down and did some core work.

Going down to New Orleans to go to the Crescent City Classic Expo tomorrow afternoon and then going out to eat at Adolfo's. A little italian-creole place down past the French Market. Staying at a hotel downtown within walking distance of the race. 48 minute 10k here I come. Last year was a 1:01:59, so anything will be an improvement. The real goal is 50 minutes, but the feeling good, made it through the crowd on the first mile goal is 48. We'll see...

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