Saturday, March 29, 2008

Race Tomorrow

Been too occupied with race week to post. Currently sitting on the porch of a camp on a bay near Galveston getting ready to boil some shrimp and crabs. Too bad I can't eat them because of the race in the morning. It is still nice and enjoyable just hanging out watching the kids play.

Wednesday was a rest day and I got to enjoy it a little. We had to pack Wednesday night since we were leaving as soon as I got home from work on Thursday night. Thursday morning was speedwork workout consisting of 5 miles total with 4x800 repeats @ 3:25 pace making up the workout with one mile warmup and recovery.

Got home Thursday afternoon and loaded the car with our junk and the kids. Left home around 6 for Galveston. Stopped in Lafayette at Waffle House for our traditional traveling meal of waffles and chocolate milk. Made it to the camp in Galveston around 11 Thursday night and hit the hay.

Got up Friday morning and ate some of my Dad's famous butter-laced pancakes. He cooks them in a skillet with about a stick of butter for every half-dozen pancakes. The butter mixes with the batter on the edges and makes a nice butter crust around the pancake. They are awesome. Spent the day at the Kemah Boardwalk with the kids. Went to the race site around 3:30 to meet a friend from Houston to do a practice swim. I was one of about 4 people out of 60-70 doing the practice swim at the time who did not have a websuit. The water was a nice and warm 70 degrees. Only took my breath away for a second. Actually wasn't that bad. Swam 700-800m. Wind was with us on the way out, but in our face on the way back in. Not too bad, but a slight chop was making breathing a salt water drinking proposition. Only drank a few swallows, when I was sighting. Went to the expo and picked up our tickets for the attractions at Moody Gardens. Barbequed ribeyes was the meal for Friday night and they were great. Got to bed early to make sure I got my 8 hours two nights before the race. The wife let me sleep late.

Saturday morning's breakfast was sausage and egg burritos. We spent the day today at Moody Gardens. Went to the race meeting around lunch and picked up my packet. Saw a few BRTri folks, DebE, Rocketboy, Luke and Cullen at packet pick-up. Got backto the camp around 3 and the ladies went shopping. Laid in the bed while the kids napped. The water is boiling now and getting ready to put the crabs in. Going to get to bed early after getting my stuff together for the morning. Have to get there early even though my start isn't until 8:30 am. Transition closes at 7:00 due to the half racers starting at 7:30. My age group is first with the Pro/Elites in the quarter. Sucks being in the 30-34 age group now. I'm now with the fastest guys out there and get put with the elites. Nothing like bringing up the rear. Hopefully the wind will be as forecast and only in the 8-10mph range. Of course, it will be in our face on the way back in. Woohoo!!

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