Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tough Week

Haven't really felt like posting or training this week. 16 weeks of training is taking its toll.

The long run for the weekend was supposed to be 12 miles. Well, weeks ago I had decided that if I was going to go 12, I might as well do an extra 1.1 and go 13.1 for my first half marathon. Mapped out a run on Map My Run, which is a great tool by the way. The route was around the house.

It takes a lot of street to make up 13.1, let me tell you. Decided to look at my watch as little as possible and just run by feel. Was supposed to be running 9:30 pace. Only looked at the watch 3 times during the whole run. Ended up running a 1:56:48, which for you math buffs is a 8:53 pace. My heart rate stayed in the 80-82%range the entire time, except maybe the last 1/2 mile where I was pushing to go under 1:57. Felt great and I am happy to be able to say that I have run a half-marathon.

Sunday was cold to start the day, especially since time had changed. Met Word at his place to pick him up to head to St. Franny to put in 50 miles in the hills. This was my last long ride on my schedule before Lonestar later this month. Ended up going 44 miles somewhere around a 17.5 mph pace. We were around 18 mph for the first 30 and then slowed on the last 14 since Word hasn't ridden but maybe 3 times since he broke his leg. Not too shabby for your 3rd ride back from a broken leg. There were a couple of hills that were no joke.

Monday, I begrudginly got out of the bed to swim. Got there at 5:20 and cut it short at 2100 yds. Training partners were no shows at first and then the Hornet showed up for weights around 6:15.

Tuesday was run and spin. Schedule had 5 miles, I only went 2 since I felt like crap. Probably should have skipped spin but went anyway with Big Poppa and the Hornet.

Wednesday was 4 miles and swim, but after 10 days straight of training I decided to skip. Left work early to take the wife and kids to the members only party at the Aquarium in New Orleans. Spent the afternoon and evening in N.O.

Got up this morning, headed to the Y. The schedule had a tempo run, 6 miles at 8:14. Ended up cutting it to 4 miles @ 8:01 since the race is only 9 days away. Wanted a little bit more of a taper than the schedule called for. Running 8 this weekend and doing a 25 mile mountain bike ride instead of road riding this weekend. Need to get some mountain bike miles in before our camping/riding trip in April and the Xterra in May.

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Ryan said...

Nice run and welcome to the "club"

Now, all you have to do is make that your weekly long run, and in no time you will be going out and "only" running 13 miles. It's all relative.

Go Long!