Thursday, March 6, 2008

Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts? Apparently me, at least in my wife's opinion. Got my new TYR tri shorts in on Wednesday from Sports Basement.

She calls me at work. "Honey, your tri shorts came in." Me: "Good, are they nice?" Her: "Yeah, they are nice. They are really short though. You do realize that half your extended family is coming to this race right??" Me: "Yes, I remeber. Well, I guess they'll all just get to see me up close and personal." Then she busts out in the Nair theme song "Who Wears Short Shorts".

When I got home and tried them on, they weren't really that bad. The 6" shorts I had were a little more modest, but who cares right?? Glad I didn't get the 4"!! I've lost 30 lbs. in the last year so at least they look better than last year. My tri pictures from last year are pretty bad. Especially since I am not a modest person at all and refuse to wear a shirt during a race. So my kids, my parents, my grandparents, my brother, my brother's wife, my cousin and his fiance are all going to get to see me in 5" spandex with nothing else but shoes on. I'm sure they'll love it.

Wednesday was swim day at lunch. Swimming at lunch twice in a week is not at all fun. Put in a short 1700 yds and got out of there. Only had two old men sitting on the benches in nothing but their birthday suits...Needless to say I made sure I stayed away from those spots. Is it too much to ask to put some underwear on before you get your man parts all over the bench, I mean really?? This morning was speedwork. 1/2 mile repeats with 1/4 mile recoveries. Averaged 3:30 on the 1/2 mile legs, 6 of them. Ran the first and last in the 3:20 range. Put in 7 miles total. Getting excited about the race finally getting here. Only 2 weeks until the 10K. It can't get here soon enough.

That will be the start of a long string of busy weekends. Doing the 10k on the 22nd, Lonestar on the 30th, a camping trip to Lake Kincaid for mountain biking on April 5th, Corporate Cup 5k on the 12th, then our company picnic on the 19th and then just a couple weeks off until the Xterra on May 3. My wife is racing Rocketchix the day after Xterra, so that weekend will be extra busy. Will definitely be ready for vacation after that schedule...

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