Sunday, March 2, 2008


Only been bloggin' for a few weeks and I am already slacking. Wednesday was supposed to be 4 mile easy run and swim. Went at lunch and ran my 4 and skipped the swim. Got home that afternoon and the wife wanted to run. So we loaded up the kids in the stroller and put in 2 miles with me pushing.

Thursday was scheduled speedwork, but we moved it to Friday since it was going to be in the low 30's Thursday morning. Ended up using Thursday as a rest day since I had other things to do and I had to go out of town for the afternoon with some work stuff. Got to bed late and still have a sleep debt from this past weekend and early week.

Got up Friday to the perfect run weather. 54 degrees and breezy, couldn't ask for any better. Met the Hornet for our speedwork, which was a 1 mile warm-up, 6 mile tempo at 8:14 and a one mile cool down. We ended up going 1.2 on the warm-up and then on to the speedwork. Started out fast and then had a slower mile 3 because of a "big" hill (big hills in LA do not exist). We were on pace though since we got out quick. Got to mile 4 right on pace and the Hornet started trying to push me to leave her behind. I use to be the slow back-of-packer of the group, and they never left me, so I make sure to never leave my training partners behind even if I'm feeling like I can push it. Finally convinced me with about 1.5 miles to go, so I picked it up. Ended up running 7:25 pace over the last 1.5 miles which was smokin' for me. Finished at 7:59 pace for the 6 mile tempo, and the Hornet at 8:14 pace right on target for the run. I think I'm getting a little overconfident. Thinking I can maybe push for a 48 minute 10k later this month, if I'm feeling good that day. We'll see. Worried about pushing it too much and hurting myself. Met some co-workers, BP and Ali, at the Lakes on Friday afternoon, along with my wife and kids. Me and the kids played soccer while the wife pounded out some miles with the group.

Yesterday I had the kids and no babysitter, so riding was not an option. Ended up taking the kids to the park for some playground time and soccer ball time. They love seeing how high I can kick the ball and then seeing if they can catch it on the 2nd or 3rd bounce. Only hit them on the head once or twice with 20' high kicks!! Spent the afternoon napping with the kids and then on to church for the evening.

Got up early this morning at 6:15 to get in 50 miles. Loaded up my nutrition, which today consisted of 2 gatorade bottles, a powerbar, nutri-grain bar and some M&M brownies that my wife made last night. Nothing like comfort food on a semi-long ride. The two 25 oz. gatorade bottles are not enough. Only went 45 miles at 17.8 and was out of liquid with about 8 miles to go and it wasn't even that hot at around 60 degrees. Guess I need to get me a behind the seat bottle holder. It was tough riding today. I was definitely feeling the soreness from the tempo run on Friday. Normally we do it on Thursday and my recovery run on Friday takes out the soreness for the weekend. Had a tough time getting above 18 mph for about the first 20 miles. Got home and with some arm-pulling and threatening I convinced my wife to put in some running miles with me. Loaded up the kids and put in 2.5 miles with me pushing the stroller.

The run schedule for the day has 11 miles @9:30 pace on it, so I have 8.5 more to put in tonight. Getting ready to go to a birthday party and then over to my parents house for the evening. Guess it will be another 9 pm run tonight, WooHoo, my favorite time to run!! Seems like all our friends had kids at the same time since we have had three parties in the last 2 weeks with more to come in the next month. At least they are young and the presents don't cost so much. Hate to see when all these girls are teenagers and they all want some high-dollar purse or clothes. We'll be going to less parties...

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