Friday, February 22, 2008


Not a lot of time to burn so here are the basics. Thursday morning, 5 am, 3 miles on the dreadmill since it was raining @ 9:00 pace, spin for an hour, intervals, standing climb, a little more sitting this time and then run 1 mile at 8:30 pace to get that brick feel.

Nothing today in the way of training, only eating. Count so far, 1 - 3 egg omelet with turkey and cheese, 2 chocolate mary lee donuts, 2 glasses chocolate milk, shrimp fettucini and bluebell ice cream. Add that to last night's banquet dinner of gumbo, 12 oz ribeye, green beans, mashed potatoes, 2 strawberry shortcakes (someone was dieting), and then ice cream when I got home, and it has been like a 4000 calorie 24 hour period.

Doing a brick tomorrow morning at 7 am. 33-40 mile ride and a 2-3 mile run. Trying to get some of the training crew to come along, but only one taker so far. Got to go to start getting ready for my 4 year old's pink poodle birthday party that is Sunday. The house has got to be "Party Clean" which is a notch above just regular old clean as I have been informed by my lovely wife...

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