Sunday, February 17, 2008

Grinded it Out

Pretty pedestrian run today. Waited for the rain to finally finish and went 11 miles at 9:10 pace, no frills, just grinded it out. Met the Hornet, Deb E and Tim, a co-worker of the Hornet around 9 am at the BR Beach. Tim is just getting back into running and made it to the 2 mile mark before he had to turn around as we were running around 8:30's to start the run. It turned out to be a nice morning for a run as the sun came out about half-way through and the temp was a nice 65 degrees. Deb E slowed her pace down for the first half so we could keep up with her, but motored on with about 4 miles to go. That lady can run! Had to lose the shirt around mile 9 because of the raw nipple rub. Guess I need to start wearing some body glide or whatever that stuff is called.

After the run, got back to the house and put the kids down for a nap with the intentions of going riding this afternoon. The oldest didn't want to cooperate, so no riding for me. Guess I'll have to spin 3 days this week instead. Hate missing my long ride, don't mind missing the shorter workouts, but the long ones are too valuable to miss.

Redneck Word of the Week:

Fitness v. and n., to be able to wear a snug garment. "And you didn't think I could fitness bathin' suit after three kids!"

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