Thursday, February 7, 2008

In the Beginning

Every blog needs a start, so here it goes. Of course there is a backstory, maybe we'll get to it one day, but for now we'll start with the present. I have been lurking on numerous multi-sport blogs over the past 2 months after getting a link somehow to the famous Steve in a Speedo?! Gross , which is hilarious, check it out. Finally decided that I should join the fray and post up my own tidbits of wisdom (yeah right!) that I have gathered in my short multi-sport career (1 year and counting).

I am currently training for a 10k, Crescent City Classic, and a Quarter Tri, Lonestar Tri, both at the end of March. Got up this morning to meet the training partners at the Y for our Thursday morning run. Had a time limit since my better half was working today and I had to handle daddy daycare. New to the whole training for speed thing, since I was never a runner to start with, come to think of it, not a biker or swimmer either, so we have been following a simple plan off runner's world. Today's schedule called for 6 miles total, with 5 - 1/2 mile repeats @ 3:37 pace thrown in the middle. The workout was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that 3:33 1/2 mile pace is just sick, I hate you fast people, and that it was 36 degrees out. For you up in the frozen north I feel sorry for you this time of year. But down here, anything under 45 and a good majority of the people are on the dreadmill. Too hot to run inside though, the Y thinks it is fun to keep the cardio room at 80 degrees!!

Anyway, back to the house with a stop at the local donut shop to pick up a treat for the kids. They love the rare occasion when I actually come home after I train, since they know they are going to get something good. What else are Dads for but to spoil 'em when you can.

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