Friday, February 8, 2008


It's fun to talk smack. It makes racing more than just about yourself and adds some tension to it. Sure, you can be competitive, self-determined and all that jazz internally, but when you put it out in the open and actually challenge other people, that is when the fun begins. Take today for example.

Our company announced that we would be participating in the local Corporate Cup and asked that we let them know if we would be participating. Of course, my reply to the whole company is "I'm in and $5 says nobody beats me. Let's go". I know what you are thinking, well he's either arrogant or fast.'s just fun to stir the pot. Are there people in our 60 employee company who can beat me? Most likely, I have only been running for a year and have posted 2 blazing 5k times of 24:40 and 24:12. Not the times that make people tremble in their Nikes or whatever brand they run in.

So why did I do it? For the 20 responses that flew back and forth already today. The fun has already started. And when I show up to the starting line come April 12, hopefully there are a dozen other of my fellow employees who have put in the time and effort to be the fastest out of our group. It will be fun to see how hard I can push myself to make sure that I can back up the smack...And hopefully start taking off some time for the Shave your 5k Challenge.

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Steve Stenzel said...

You'll have a BLAST out there! You've got a few months - show em' what you've got!!