Thursday, February 14, 2008


Woke up this morning to head to the Y, and got blasted by the cold. On the way, checked the weather on my blackberry (of course only while I was stopped at red lights, my wife teaches driving school and always uses me in examples of how not to drive) to find that it was a sweltering 32 degrees. The schedule had us doing 7 miles with a 5 mile tempo run at 8:14 pace in the middle. Stopped in and talked to Big Poppa on the treadmill for a moment and then off to run in the cold outside.

We went out fairly fast on the first mile of the tempo with a 7:45 pace. Ended up at 39:57 on the tempo run, which for you math buffs, is just under 8:00 pace, 7:59 to be exact. May not be fast to some, but was blazing for me. Didn't hurt too bad and actually felt like I could have pushed a little harder the last mile if I had needed to. Felt like I could have kept up with SS, another local triathlete who is training for the Boston Marathon and runs the same route except at a much faster pace. No use in burning it out on a training run though. When we got back to the Y, I looked down at my long sleeves and the sweat had turned to ice!! Not something you see too often in Louisiana is ice on your sleeve.

Tempo run made me feel better about the goal of running the Crescent City in 50 minutes. That's 8 minute pace and until today, it didn't seem reachable. Don't think it will be all that hard now. Maybe the goal should be 48...

Skipped my swim and run on Wednesday. Good thing about training 6 days a week is that there is really no time to fall in the trap of making up workouts. That is another hard thing to do. Convince yourself that missing a workout here or there is not going to affect you. I hate putting a red line through a day that I missed, but I think it is better than trying to kill yourself by doubling up and just getting injured or tired. I will make up the swim since I am only swimming twice a week, which is not much at all. Already running close to 30 miles a week, so missing the run is no big deal. Did the double on Tuesday, run and spin class, so missing Wednesday actually helped this morning I think.

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