Saturday, February 23, 2008

Power Bars

Got up early to help set up for a garage sale with three other families. It was at someone elses house, so I just had to help set-up on my way to do my brick. Ended up hanging out for a while and not getting to the ride spot until about 7:45. Ended up cutting down on my time slot for riding. Was supposed to be finished by 10ish to start getting ready for my daughter's birthday party.

So, I only did the 33 mile loop. Ended up at around 18.7 mph for the loop with a headwind for about 10 of the 33 miles. That is the only thing I dislike about the local training spot. There is always freakin' wind no matter what time of the day or what direction you go. It is in a point in the river, so you are always guaranteed to be going against the wind at some point. But you get a tailwind at some point you would think, but think again. It seems like the levee creates a bowl effect and the wind is always swirling if it is not directly in your face. A crosswind is much better than a headwind, but just once I would like to ride out there and not have the wind!! Guess I'll have to ride at night.

Got back to the truck to find my windshield wipers standing at attention on my windshield and my side mirrors "adjusted" slightly. Luke, a friend of mine who was at the garage sale spot this morning, decided it would be funny to mess with my stuff before he and his training buddies started their ride. Loaded up the bike and put on my shoes and visor to get in a 3 mile run to get that bike-run feel. Knocked out 3 miles at 8:23 pace. On the way back in, passed two other training friends, Neil and DebE. They were doing a 3 hour ride. They are doing the Lonestar Half along with about 12 other people from BRTRri. On the last mile, I was thinking of what to do to get Luke back. Decided on making use of my Powerbar that I had ended up not eating on the ride.

Last week on our long ride my Powerbar had gotten soft being in my pouch on my shirt. Being the gross individual that I am, I took the chocolate mass and fashioned what closely resembled a dog dropping out of my powerbar. The Hornet and Big Poppa's wife, Reba, were less than thrilled with my creation. So, that was my inspiration for today. I put about a third of the powerbar in my mouth for about 30 seconds and chewed it up to get it nice and soft. Rolled it into the shape of a doggy turd and plopped it on his windshield under his wiper blade. I was going to put it under his door handle for a nice surprise when he opened his door, but his door handles were the old push button style since he was in his 1985 work truck. Needless to say, I got a phone call shortly after he got back to his truck later in the day. His move next, that's the thing with pranks, the bar keeps getting raised. Hopefully he keeps it clean...

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