Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Early Start

Since I missed my long bike on Sunday, I needed to spin as much as I could this week to keep the bike legs in shape. Tuesday's spin class starts at 5:45 am and my run schedule for the day was 6 miles @ 9:36 (run recovery week). So I decided I needed to be at the Y for 4:45 a.m. That is just sick that I would even contemplate such an early start to a freakin' day that I wasn't going fishing for some speckled trout.
Due to some difficulties getting out of the door since my son was hackin' up a lung when I woke up, didn't make it there until 4:55. Hurried and got my stuff on a spin bike and dashed outside to get in as much as I could. No training partners this early, so it was just me and the trusty MP3 player. Put in 4 before I had to get back to take care of some business before getting on the spin bike.

Met Big Poppa in the spin class, he had come earlier to run, but all the dreadmills were taken, so he just drank coffee till spin. Spin instructor was late, which must have ticked her off, because for the next 50 minutes I think we sat on the spin bike for a total of 5. She had us doing "standing climbs", isolations and intervals for the majority of the class. Not the most fun after having just run 4 miles. Made it through spin and jumped on the dreadmill for one last mile to get the brick feel.

I am officially off the deep end. Swore to the training crew last year that I would never be at the Y for 5 am to train. Wasn't going to happen. That is the problem with that little word, it always comes back to bite you. Not only am I regularly there for 5, but now even before 5. Need my head examined definitely. I have taken the Training Nazi title away from the original "crack" addict, The Hornet. I'm the one making sure everyone else is there, knows what we are supposed to be doing and tells them how fast they did it. I guess that is the function of the new guy. Keeps it exciting once the "veterans" get to become slackers!!

Got to the Y this morning and no one else from the crew showed up. They all had lame excuses of course. Swam 1600 yds and lifted weights. I sold out on Monday and they had the morning receptionist bust my chops, so they better watch out tomorrow. She is going to get em!!

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