Monday, February 18, 2008


Rough start to the week. Woke up at 6:20 am, which was about 1:40 later than I had my alarm set. Guess my body was ready for more sleep since I know I had the alarm on and ready to go. I have been known to hold lenghty conversations in the wee hours of the morning and never remember a single thing, so turning off the alarm and having no recollection of that event is not surprising.

So the fall back for Monday is to swim at lunch. Not a very attractive option. Last thing I want to be doing at lunch is swimming. Lunch is for eating and we all know how much fun that is. Called the Y that is close to the office to reserve a lane for lunch. They only have 3 lanes and I have gone when they were all full at lunch, so I don't make that mistake anymore. Two other issues with swimming at the Y by the office at lunch. The place is just dirty. I know it's old, and everyone who frequents the place seems to be older than the Y, but it just feels dirty. Feel like I need to bring some lysol to disinfect myself before I leave. Definitely don't sit on the benches since the elder men seem to like to sit on them with no...nevermind, you get the picture. Strike 3 is the fact that the pool is only like 2.5' deep and only 23.5 yards long since it is inside. I know, that is only 1.5 yds shorter than most, but as an engineer it is just annoying. I mean seriously, they couldn't have found 4.5' somewhere in the layout. So now I have to do 42.5 pool lengths to make up 1000 yds and it seems like you are always turning. Put in my 2000 and showered.

Of course, showering there does no good since as soon as you get out you feel dirty again once you get dressed in that nasty locker room. Won't even describe to you what is all over the floor and on the walls of the shower, ahhhhhhhh!!

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