Monday, February 11, 2008

Two Big Ones

Finally, the day has come!! After a year of busting my butt, when I got on the scale for my Monday morning weigh-in, the scale said 198, below 200, WooHoo!! That is 31 lbs. lost since May of last year, for a total so far of 13.5%. Now if I just wouldn't have eaten those 6 cupcakes yesterday between the end of my ride and bedtime, it may have been 197...

You can barely see the Grand Canyon behind me.
I'm blocking the view.

This was a camping trip/mountain biking trip from a month ago,
actually down 7 lbs since then.

If I could just get the eating right part down, who knows how low I could go, 185?, 180??? I'm just happy to be were I'm at. Wouldn't have made it this far without an understanding spouse either. Lots of early mornings and long Sundays, thanks babe.

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